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My name’s Jason and I’d like to thank you for finding this page.

Unfortunately, ‘Mens Fitness’ and ‘Six Pack Abs‘ are like foreign words to too many people and that’s certainly the case with my friend Paul who actually has ‘man boobs’.

And the worst thing, Paul is only 29 years old. He had them when he was fat, but he was pretty sure they’d disappear when he finally lost weight. Unfortunately, that never happened because like most people, he never learned the RIGHT ways to lose belly fat and now his chest looks like that of an 85-year-old grandpa! It’s really not nice!

But that need NEVER happen to you!

You know, I don’t think Paul will ever take his shirt off at the beach again. And the worst thing – with an easy exercise to lose belly fat program, he’d have been the perfect picture of mens fitness by now  instead of still being embarrassed and self conscious about his body.

In an attempt to lose weight, he took to the treadmill every day and pretty much starved himself ignoring all the advice I tried to give him (even though it’s what I’ve done professionally every day for the last 7 years for men and women just like him!) but you know, Paul’s a kinda stubborn and proud guy and wanted to go it alone without seeking advice from any of his friends.

“Each night he would go to bed with his stomach growling for food. And each morning he would leap on the treadmill at the crack of dawn!”

Sure, the weight began to come off… and fast, too. Problem is, the weight he lost was pure muscle. And now Paul is flabby all over. He’s thin, but fat. And worse still…

He has the “slow as a tortoise” metabolism of an old woman!

Now he’s mad and kicking himself for not listening to me sooner and FINALLY he’s learning the truth about nutrition, the relationship of muscle gain and gentle weight lifting, how he can still eat (very) well together with ‘the best six pack abs workout‘ to get him ripped to strut his stuff in just a few short weeks!  But at least he’s actually doing my mens fitness program now and having a blast! If he doesn’t watch out, he’ll soon have the ‘perfect male body’!

But you don’t have to go through all that!

.. because you can now discover these secrets for yourself for FREE and blast away the fat to reveal defined pecs, nice guns and rock-hard abs – the RIGHT AND SAFE way, starting from today!

Introducing the:

Ideal Mens Fitness System

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mens fitness system

A proven system to lose belly fat fast and get great six pack abs!.

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Look, you have a life. You simply don’t have time to live in the gym. I’m sure you’re a busy guy.

The good news is that you can still look great – and the free Ideal Mens Fitness System ecourse will show you how to build the perfect male body!

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To A Stronger You,    

Jason Fellows - IFC

Jason Fellows, Fitness Instructor – Ideal Fitness Center


Jason Fellows - Personal Fitness Instructor

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